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Juan David Osorio Arrubla

Cali, Colombia

Hello! I’m Juan David Osorio Arrubla a self-taught & award winning Developer with over 6 years work experience. I started in my school with a emphasis in technology what led me to be passionate about this area. Got pro working to different companies in differents induestries which has allowed me to train my knowledge in different sectors of the economy . Now I’m based in Cali, Colombia, working for Optima Corporation and enjoying the life together with my loveled wife and appasionate with my profesion.

I have couple of hobbies like playing guitar and piano, and practice MTB. I love travel on the roads of my country and enjoy its landscapes.

8+ Years


100+ Projects




My Interests

Video games


Web Development

Custom web development in different languages.

Mobile Development

Development of native and hybrid mobile applications as needed.

Project Manager

Accompaniment in surveying software requirements.


Cloud (Aws, Heroku, Openshift, Gcp) and Servers (Vps, Colocation, Hosting, Dedicated).




Support Especialist Lvl1

03/02/2012 to 12/12/2013 | Eduksion

Support and maintenance tasks were assigned for computer equipment and printers.

Support Especialist Lvl 3

19/02/2014 to 12/06/2014 | Integrated IT Service

Support to servers and networks arquitecture to Red de Salud ESE Centro.Maintenance to Datacenter logic and physical.

DBA/DEV and Arquitecture Administrator

14/06/2014 to 26/02/2015 | Red de Salud ESE Centro

Maintenance and scalate Databases and arquitecture agree to enterprise requirements. Develop solutions to internal clients into (Laravel, Ionic, Postgres, MySql). Support to creation system SICO and Ambulances Pool Administration.


04/03/2015 to 31/10/2015 | EsEfectivo - Kredit Plus

Responsible for coordinating each technological process controlling preventive and corrective maintenance, supplier contracting, technological implementations, server and network administration. development of the company's main system with all itsadministration, and different modules, completely built in (Laravel, Angular, Bootstrap, MySql, Postgres)


01/11/2015 to 02/10/2016 | Finprogreso SAS

Director of the technology area, ensuring the correct operation of the different technologies implemented, as well as leading developer of the main application and systems alternates, all InHouse developments built in PHP (laravel) Angular and Bootstrap framework. Purchasing agent, hiring in the area and administration of the area.

Projects Profesional

04/10/2016 to 2/12/2016 | Nexura International

Software developer for the MinTic sector. CMS,built in PHP with its core in Laravel. Participation in large company projects such as Transmilenio, Valle del Cauca Government, Colpensiones, Huila Goverment. Use of JS for accessibility implementation.


5/12/2016 to 31/10/2018 | VTM Soluciones

Director of the area of technology and project development within the Company. Company software survey created in PHP (Laravel / Lumen), Angular 4, Bootstrap and JS. Implementation of WebServices and Api, connections with credit bureaus such as Experian and Cifin through encrypted VPN channels, and SSL certificates. Creation and administration of the company's cloud infrastructure. Development of a mobile application for the company's commercial force.

Development Director

1/11/2018 to 09/02/2019 | Sintec SAS

Coordinate the development of development projects within the company, development of billing system and gym administration. (Laravel, Angular, Bootstrap, Material, Ionic). Cloud architecture management.

Senior Developer - DevOps

01/09/2020 to 27/01/2021 | DrVet

Coordination of development projects within the company, administration of cloud architecture and implementation of new DevOps technologies.

Lead Consulting and Developer Enginner

28/01/2021 to 03/06/2021 | Optima Corporation

Lead of development projects within the company, administration of cloud architecture and implementation of new DevOps technologies, agile methods and consulting process to clients.

Fullstack Developer

04/06/2021 to Today | Patagonian IT

Develop in some differents languajes (Java , Node Js, Ionic, Php (Laravel, Lumen), Angular JS, Drupal, Angular 10, Docker, Kubernetes). Use agile methodologies, deploy automatization (Aws). Technical Support with clients to stimate time and resources. Project Iberamerican Banck of Develop.

Senior Developer

01/09/2021 to Today | Seresco

Lead frontend team into project https://vayavaca.com , portal to Auctions in realtime. Stack Java Microservices, Kubernetes, PgSql, Angular, MicoFrontends Nx. Use agile methodologies, deploy automatization (Azure DevOps)


Primary Basic

2000 - 2005 | Leon de Greiff

Basic primary training with an emphasis on informatics.

High School

2015 - 2011 | Leon de Greiff

High School training with an emphasis on informatics (Java, Html, Css, Js, DreamViewer, Autocad, Networks).

Pre Graduation Technical Systems

2011 | Leon de Greiff

Graduation into Technical Systems (Java Developer, Web Developer, Autocad 2D/3D Designs, Networks)

Computer Technology

2013 - 2016 | Tecnologica Autonoma Del Pacifico

Graduation into Computer Technology.

Software Engineering

2016 - Today | Tecnologica Autonoma Del Pacifico

Studying software engineering.

Angular 4+ Course

2017 | Udemy

Angular Course from bases to advance.

IoT Internet of Things

2018-2019 | Tecnologica Autonoma del Pacifico

Graduate IoT implementation and aplication into country. Develop prototype Smart Traffic Light using RaspBerry Pi, OpenCV(Artificial Intelligence).

Cassandra Course

2020 | Datatax Academy

Bases to Cassandra DB.

Cassandra Course

2020 | Datatax Academy

Bases to Cassandra DB.

Cloud Computing

2020 | Google Activate Academy

Introduction to Cloud Computing Concepts and examples implementations.

Artificial Intelligence

Coursing | Platzi - MinTic

Carrer into artificial intelligence, scholarship by MinTic - AppsCo.





React Js/Native








Ruby On Rails

My Working Process


Discuss idea

Discuss idea with client to highlight point relevants to bussiness.


Creative concept

Create concept (sketch) to portray idea Discuss.


Web/Mobile Concept

Create Web/Mobile Concept to approve.



Start with planning sprints and go to develop.


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